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With AS-Lingo you can improve productivity and get instant visibility into your business performance anytime and anywhere, whether you’re running an SMB or a Fortune 500 Company.

AS-Lingo was developed for and used in the cloud long before cloud computing became today’s hype – giving our customers substantial savings on IT servers and a marked increase in security.

AS-Lingo was built to be flexible, so you’ll have a solution that meets your unique needs today, and can easily grow with you as your business evolves. AS-Lingo connects seamlessly with the business systems you have in place today, and it is ready to integrate with any new applications you may want to add tomorrow. More

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AS-Lingo is a truly global system – designed to comply with any accounting and controlling legislation in any country world wide.

AS-Lingo makes it easy to manage the financials for multiple locations and entities, whether your business structure is simple or complex, domestic or global. With AS-Lingo, you can automate activities including currency conversions, inter-entity transactions, local tax reporting, and more. Eliminate manual effort and close the books faster.

You don’t have to use any of the 5 ledgers that come with AS-Lingo.

You can choose any ledger anywhere in the world that is compliant with the laws of your country. You can also use more than one ledger at the same time if your enterprise requires consolidated reporting that spans areas of different legal systems. Whichever ledger you use, AS-Lingo offers multi-dimensional reporting and analyses, giving you the most transparent view into your business performance.

Automate conversions for transactions and report in multiple currencies across the globe. Everything related to managing multiple currencies is automated in AS-Lingo to save you time and increase accuracy. AS-Lingo uses up-to-date exchange rates to create your currency conversions and revaluations. It gives you instant access to information on currency gains and losses. And it allows you to produce reports in headquarter’s currency or the entity’s local currency. Find out more about AS-Lingo Financials.

Your financial system must be able to receive information from other external business systems and processes. For that, AS-Lingo has component called the „Host Input Converter“ which is designed to easily adapt to any Data Format from any external system. AS-Lingo also integrates seamlessly with the business systems you have in place today, and it is ready to integrate with any new applications you may want to add tomorrow. So you’re free to choose your business applications based on functional fit, not integration concerns. AS-Lingo was built to be able to integrate with any other system (cloud or on-premise) on a two-way connection using the AS-Lingo web services API.


General Ledger

In AS-Lingo you can choose to use any of the standard Ledgers available world wide or you can decide to use your own ledger.

If you are a subsidiary of a global enterprise, then you may be located in a country where specific ledgers are mandatory (e.g. US GAAP or IFRS as well as any of the many General Ledger Frameworks used across Europe). That’s not a problem in AS-Lingo because ledgers can be mapped to comply with any central corporate ledger to enable consolidation in a global environment. AS-Lingo also supports the reporting of electronic balance sheets as legally required by some European countries. The XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) format of these reports is based on the taxonomy issued by the financial authorities of these countries.

You can also assign GL-Accounts to any number of Dimensions allowing you to assign accounts or transactions to business relevant entities and thus connect transactions to be viewed and reported from many different aspects of your business. You could for example take a look at your companies performance from the point of view of a project, a department or a specific product range that has recently been introduced to the market.

Accounts Receivable

Proper management of invoicing, credit terms, and other accounts receivable tasks accelerates your cash flows and keeps your organisation strong. AS-Lingo automates invoicing and collections processes to give you fast, efficient, and automated accounts receivable management. That accelerates the cash cycle, improves your business performance, and improves customer satisfaction.

AS-Lingo lets you automate your processes, send invoices by email, and offer more payment options to customers. Generate recurring bills for easy subscription management, attach customer documents to transactions for better record keeping, and more.

Connect accounts receivable to the rest of the business for a financially consistent view. AS-Lingo gives you a single view of quotes, sales orders, and invoices. Order transactions are automatically linked to your general ledger and accounts receivable ledger, so you can streamline billing and accounting. And it offers up-to-date, accurate sales tax calculations.

AS-Lingo gives you real-time visibility with built-in and configurable reporting. Get a complete picture of customer aging, invoice analyses, recurring invoices, deferred revenue, and more. AS-Lingo lets you analyse your accounts receivable data by a variety of business drivers, which you yourself can create, for a complete view from every perspective.

Do you want to reduce costs and improve cash flow? Using AS-Lingo Collections, efficiently manage customer communications with a structured and automated process that sends customers configurable reminders, lets you assign owners to collection cases to ensure accountability, and centrally records all activity.

With AS-Lingo you can

  • Achieve healthier cash flows by shortening invoicing and payment cycles
  • Make collections painless with automated dunning and collection notices
  • Gain real-time visibility into customer histories, aging balances, and more with configurable dashboards and reports

Accounts Payable

Escape the productivity-draining manual processes of accounts payable. With AS-Lingo, your finance team can automate tactical vendor management workflows across the entire accounts payable process with increased speed and efficiency. That means more focus on high-value analyses, insights, and cash flow optimisation—and less frustration and wasted time.

Save hours every day by automating manual accounts payable processes and streamlining inefficient workflows. Point and click to configure the approvals process that works for you. Take advantage of automated expense allocations when you pay bills. AS-Lingo makes you more efficient.

With AS-Lingo, you can track and view payments, approvals, and reports—anytime, anywhere. Now you can see your accounts payable liabilities, vendor aging reports, and bill and check register reports in real time.

AS-Lingo’s automated and configurable processes enhance internal controls. You define the workflows, approvals, and internal controls to align with the way your business operates. That also means you have visibility into the entire accounts payable process to ensure accountability.

A simple scenario showing how easy it is to automate a complex process in AS-Lingo:

  1. Let AS-Lingo create a payment proposal or direct debit proposal with just a single mouse-click.
  2. Edit the proposal online to make changes to vendor account transactions to delete, postpone or add payments as needed and print the proposal for audit purposes.
  3. One more click to release the proposal for payment and pick up all the reports from AS-Lingo’s Document Manager where you’ll find
    • the cover letters to be sent/emailed to your suppliers and also
    • the payment lists and audit reports showing the details of the payment / direct debit process
    • the payment file(s) which you can (automatically) transmit to your bank(s) for clearing

All Payments have now been allocated to the open items on the vendor accounts.


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The market requires you to provide faster and more granular visibility into what’s driving company performance. AS-Lingo gives you the best financial reporting of any accounting system. It tracks operational and financial data — by business driver — to give you superior reporting power and a complete view of your organisation. And what’s best about that is: You don’t have to play around with tools to create your own reports! The „Just click“ approach is mostly limited to simple „run of the mill“ reports for 80% of the people to create 20% of the important reports needed. To create any kind of report — with exactly the metrics that matter to investors, executive teams, and leaders in finance, sales, and other departments, we at AS-Lingo will deliver the exact reports that you need when you need them. Where ever you are in world, we can deliver the reports you need within hours — often within minutes. See more in Service

You can use dimensions to capture the business context of your transactions, operational measures, and budgets in AS-Lingo. Naturally these can be integrated in your reports to analyse real-time business performance by business drivers without having to manage a chart of accounts with hundreds of segments. However, the majority of really high value reports need to include many more items and attributes than dimensions. That is why we guarantee to produce your reports for you that allow you to incorporate any of the relevant data inside your AS-Lingo Enterprise Database — a task that any reporting utility cannot deliver.

AS-Lingo tracks and reports on both financial and operational data — like square footage, available storage space, SaaS metrics or other measures important to your business. With all your financial and operational data in one place, you can easily get more reports, more information, and more insight about your business.

Given AS-Lingo’s Enterprise Database, your financial reporting and analysis options are practically endless with AS-Lingo. See operational statistics alongside financial metrics. Check on summary roll-up figures for multiple entities at any time. Drill down to source transactions on the spot. Flag trends and spot exceptions and compare performance across any business driver that matters to you, right within the system. Many reports come built-in, and we’ll create custom reports for you, so there’s no need to resort to Excel, wait on report customization projects, or rely on external reporting tools.

Get the the up-to-date Profit&Loss Statement or Balance Sheet any day in the month, any time in the day at the push of a button within less than a second. And the same goes for any other report you have defined and we have delivered to you only hours after you have requested it.


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Managing and controlling projects, project financials, contracts, and resources is difficult, detailed work — even if you don’t have to cope with lots of disparate systems. In AS-Lingo you take full control of your projects and project accounting.

So you can be sure to start and finish projects on time, stay on top of project costs and revenue, and keep projects productive and profitable.

AS-Lingo shows you the true costs of past projects, so you can make smarter project bids. It integrates with your CRM system, so you can see what’s coming in the pipeline, line up the right people and materials, and turn bids into projects without manual data re-entry. Find out more about AS-Lingo Project management.

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