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Service for AS-Lingo

When we say service we mean service with real people to help


Our foremost concern is your security.

As an AS-Lingo customer, you explicitly own your own data, and may download this data at any time. If you ever decide to leave AS-Lingo, we will help you get your data out of our systems. We will never lock you in! You can also preserve your data on AS-Lingo’s systems (your Private Cloud) for as long as you like, for a nominal fee.


Equally important to us is our guarantee of service to you that you expect. On top of being secure, all AS-Lingo Application Modules are consistently reliable and available. AS-Lingo’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) is one of the strongest in the industry.

If you contact our support organization, you will receive acknowledgement from us within four hours of your customer support request, and will get either a resolution or update within 24 hours of your request.

If you receive an error message while using AS-Lingo, you can simply write a message within that error message and forward it on to us by a simple click. Your will then receive an immediate response from the AS-Lingo Server with a ticket number with which you can track the incident and follow up our actions until we’ve delivered a resolution to the problem. At the same time the developer owner of the AS-Lingo Module in question is notified immediately by Email. Depending on the severity level of the issue, we will deliver a resolution to the problem within 2 to 24 hours.

We strive to ensure that AS-Lingo is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and we guarantee 99.8% system uptime. We give you a credit of 10% for each percentage point below that availability target, up to 50% of that month’s service charge.

Our data center (your Private Cloud) running AS-Lingo is backed up by a complete disaster recovery program. In the unlikely case of a disaster, your applications will be available within 24 hours, and no more than two hours of data will be lost. If required, AS-Lingo is also available with a High Availability SLA with availability within 2 hours and no data lost whatsoever.

You will also receive regular communication from us regarding new features and planned shutdowns.


AS-Lingo is available in many countries with different laws governing tax-rules, import/export regulations or restrictions. To seamlessly adapt to the legal requirements of any country worldwide, AS-Lingo is equipped with what we call “Country-PlugIns“. These allow us to adapt, extend and enhance this modular Application System to country requirements without disrupting the standard components of the system.

Similarly AS-Lingo can be adapted to our customer’s special requirements to extend and enhance AS-Lingo’s functionality to suit the needs of customers who cannot find any product on the market for their individual solutions. Here we use the AS-Lingo “Customer-PlugIns” – also with the result, that we can adapt, extend and enhance AS-Lingo to customer requirements without disrupting the standard components of the system.

Ask the experts:

AS-Lingo is far from being only an Online Service such as most SaaS Providers.

We help and support our customers in all aspects of modernising, optimising, consolidating and migrating their Application Systems from Legacy to Best Practices in up to date technology.

We don’t only keep AS-Lingo right up the forefront of today’s technological achievements – and thereby continually reinvent AS-Lingo itself. We also actively offer this expertise to our customers – with increasing success.

AS-LINGO is available at a monthly service change which includes

Your personal cloud

Your personal “Cloud” at the AS-Lingo-Data-Center with the scalability to suit your needs whether you have only 1 user or more than 10,000 users.

So don’t waist time, resources and money on IT if you don’t have to.

All modules

The use of all modules and all functionality of the AS-Lingo system.

As AS-Lingo grows, you don’t have to buy anything more because you have access to everything we’ll ever build into the system for all our customers.


Personal introduction and online training for users.

We have discovered that most users won’t need any training beyond an introduction because AS-Lingo is such an intuitive, easy to use application.


All defect support for AS-Lingo is free.

Support comes to you via eMail, Telephone or WebEx

There are a variety of learning options inside of AS-Lingo and on this website.


Regular backups of all your data comes as part of the security and the service level agreement in your contract.

Regular updates

Regular updates and enhancements are applied in the AS-Lingo-Application-System as they become available.

AS-Lingo comes with continuous delivery. That means no versions or releases and no interruptions to your AS-Lingo availability.

Additional Services

  • Getting started

    Our professional service team will deploy your solution in as few as 30 days. AS-Lingo is an intuitive, easy to use application system that will enable you to be proficient after a brief introduction. If you need more training, there are plenty of options to choose from right inside of AS-Lingo.

    We will of course also help you migrate your data from previous systems to AS-Lingo. ==> Please also refer to our monthly Special Offer

  • Process improvement

    If you feel that your business processes could be improved to excel your performance and upgrade your competitive edge: Call us and we’ll gladly share our long year experience and expertise with you.

  • Outsourcing

    If you wish to outsource the data-entry of any of your incoming documents such as supplier invoices, offers or contracts, we can offer you this service at a cost-saving rate. Just send us the documents by mail (we’ll scan them) or via Email if you’ve scanned them. Then, within minutes you’ll have access to those transactions and they’ll be available in your up-to-date AS-Lingo-Reporting.

  • Document attachement

    You’ll also find your documents attached to your accounting transactions in AS-Lingo

    Why archive your documents such as invoices, proposals, offers, contracts etc. in a separate archiving system?

    Why not attach them to the data to which they belong:
    To customers, suppliers, employees and to your business transactions that are already in the system to which they belong! That’s where you would naturally expect to find your original document in the place wouldn’t you?

    AS-Lingo lets your simply Drag&Drop your documents into the place where they belong and where you would expect to find them.