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Expect to get the most precisecomplete and up to date informationinstantly from an unlimited volume of data.

Whether you’re running an SMB or a Fortune 500 Company, your reporting requirements are practically the same – and AS-Lingo takes care of them all.

Expect to reveal the most precise and up to date information from an unlimited volume of data within seconds.

There are no queries to your business that AS-Lingo cannot answer, based on the data you have collected over years and decades.

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Financial Accounting frequently has to deliver reports that include customers, suppliers and projects.
The AS-Lingo Reporting System gives you the complete picture of what matters.

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AS-Lingo offers the most powerful Reporting Features of any available system on the market today. A simple feature in AS-Lingo makes this possible: The use of what we call Dimensions.


are categories of entities that can refer to an organisational structure such as affiliates or departments, or to products or product ranges, or even to events such as marketing projects or trade fair allocation. Dimensions can be assigned to accounts or transaction types or even to transactions to quantify certain transactions in respect to one or more dimensions.

This accelerates the reporting capability of AS-Lingo to an unlimited number of varying views on whatever you may need to know about your business at any point in time.

You can freely define as many dimensions in AS-Lingo as you may need. These can be used to increase transparency when creating your reports.

Over and above the use of Dimensions, AS-Lingo’s easy to use Reporting Facility enables you to define the most sophisticated reports on the base of all your underlying enterprise data in the AS-Lingo Enterprise Database such as reconciliations, liquidity and cash flow reports across locations and entities worldwide.