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ASK Application Systems for Information Technology Keller Ltd.

(ASK AnwendungsSysteme für Informationsverarbeitung Keller GmbH)

ASK was founded in 1989 by Ulrich Keller to provide support for IBM®‘s “Interactive Financial System” (IFS) on the basis of which SAP® built their first Application System.

Soon ASK was known for their expertise for migrating Legacy Systems to applications onto new technologies.

Today our focus is on developing AS-Lingo, an application system covering the traditional ERP systems with focus on Financial and Controlling of resources for enterprises of all sizes.

AS-Lingo application modules include accounting and controlling, financial consolidation and reporting, revenue recognition, project management, contract management, purchasing, customer and supplier relations management and material management.

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Systems for Information Technology
Keller Ltd.

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2014 is a great year for us …

ASK was founded in July 1989 and is still active in the area of migrating IBM Mainframe Application Systems to state of the art technology today.

AS-LINGO was born out of a simple realisation: There is no future for those proprietary Application Systems in todays heterogeneous and global IT-Environment. Truly open and platform independent Application Systems are the future.

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