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Project management

Functional Highlights Project management

Manage your contracts and monitor your contractual liabilities of your customer and supplier orders with AS-Lingo’s comprehensive project controlling system.
Draw on the cumulative quantities of an ongoing calculation of all orders.
Offer your customers detailed information on the status of their orders at any time.
Keep a complete overview by incorporating all processes (quotation, purchase / production and shipping) in your project control.

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Managing and controlling projects, project financials, contracts, and resources is difficult, detailed work — even if you don’t have to cope with lots of disparate systems. In AS-Lingo you take full control of your projects and project accounting.

So you can be sure to start and finish projects on time, stay on top of project costs and revenue, and keep projects productive and profitable.

AS-Lingo shows you the true costs of past projects, so you can make smarter project bids. It integrates with your CRM system, so you can see what’s coming in the pipeline, line up the right resources, and turn bids into projects without manual data re-entry.

Keep projects on track and clients happy. Establish the proper workflows for entering time and expenses, and give team members online access for doing so. Keep close watch on actuals against estimates. And answer client questions about things like resources or invoices—without delay.

AS-Lingo’s billing automation helps you generate project invoices in the customer specific format. Here we are planning to include revenue recognition and automated calculations, based on milestones, schedules, or percentage completion.

If you’re on the project delivery side, you can give clients and colleagues answers about things like milestones and invoicing status. If you’re on the accounting side, you can give management insight on matters such as why contract labor costs are increasing or how to improve profit margins.