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Support for AS-Lingo

AS-Lingo Customer Support provides proactive, customer-centric global support.

Our Support is staffed with highly trained Customer Support Analysts that have been recognised for outstanding technical support service.

Support is included as part of each customer’s annual contract.

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A trouble scenario could look like this:

If you get an error message that you cannot handle yourself, simply click the button “Report an Error“.

Then what happens next?

  • 1. Immediate response

    AS-Lingo immediately responds with a ticket number which pops up in a message. With this ticket number, you can not only track the progress we make on fixing the issue, but also follow on all open or unresolved issues by simply opening the Issue Viewer in AS-Lingo.

    At the same time

    • an issue entry is created in the AS-Lingo Service Portal for you which includes all necessary debug information and
    • the developer owner of the Module that caused the problem is notified via email
  • 2. Developer action

    Our development team immediately starts solving your problem. Possibly even before you’ve had time to call for help.

    You’ll hear from us within minutes (during normal working hours). We’ll inform you about further steps, depending on the severity of the issue and deliver most solutions within hours.

  • 3. Update AS-Lingo

    We’ll update your AS-Lingo with the solution of your problem any time you’re ready – it’s only a matter of seconds.

All defect support for AS-Lingo is free.

It’s all part of our service for you.

Because AS-Lingo is so robust and reliable, we sometimes don’t hear from our customers unless we call them.

However, AS-Lingo support goes beyond this.

If you have an issue you’d like us to take care of, you can enter it into the same AS-Lingo Service Portal mentioned in the scenario on the left. Issues reported by our customers are mostly suggestions for improvements or requests for enhancements and new functionality.

As our customer, you will have access to our development environment to follow our progress on all issues and enhancements. This way you can contribute with your ideas while you profit by the ideas of others. We’ll do the work.

All of this doesn’t exclude the support we give to all our customers via email, chat or telephone.

We would like to welcome all of our customers into our innovative community where we all strive to run our businesses better.