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Start using AS-LINGO

With AS-Lingo we’ll help you to get started and you could get there in a matter of just a few days in only 3 steps

  • First step

    This is your turn:

    Let us know your company name and the solutions you expect AS-Lingo to supply.

  • Second step

    Now it’s our turn:
    We’ll set up an AS-Lingo-sandbox for you where you can try out any or all of the modules that you feel are important for you to achieve better results than ever before.
    We’re not going to leave you alone to get on with it. If you would like us to help, there are real people here with whom you can telephone, email, chat or WebEx. As we progress with this website, there’ll also be more and more tutorial video clips and explained screenshots available to help you on AS-Lingo functionality. We’ll give you a personal tutorial run through all the functional highlights you wish to focus on.

  • Third step

    It’s your turn again:
    This is where you decide: “Is this for you or is it not?”
    If this is for you you’ll probably want to personalize some of the master data you’ve used in the sandbox. You may want to use your own ledger of accounts, tax keys, document types or number ranges.

If you do, then we’ll set up your personal server where you can customize many objects in AS-Lingo.

There are two ways to get this job done.

OPTION 1. is free and
OPTION 2. is fee:

  1. Manually update the master data in question or
  2. Send us the data in any format you choose and we’ll update it for you. This option is not free (unless you’re the lucky winner). We’ll calculate the cost of migrating your data and send you an offer you can’t refuse.

Worried about passing on personal, sensitive and business critical data? 

Don’t worry! Fortune 500 companies and SMBs have entrusted us with their most valuable data over the last 30 years (yes, even before AS-Lingo was born) in order to migrate it to AS-Lingo (or it’s predecessors) – and they still do so today.

After all: We do NOT operate in a public cloud and we never will.

That’s it!

As you use AS-Lingo and you discover how much time and effort you’re saving (e.g. by automating business processes and running them on a predefined schedule automatically),  you can extend the use of your AS-Lingo database and components, until you have all of your business running in-house or on your private  AS-Lingo-Cloud.