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Customer Requirements

This is what our customers are asking us forand what we’re doing about it
Some of our customers are in the process of migrating their telephone operations to Voice Over IP and they are expecting their customer support to be supported by AS-Lingo where VOIP is integrated into the system.We’re also migrating our telephone system to VOIP and are already working to deliver that integration in AS-Lingo.
One of our large customers is looking for a replacement of their order processing system.AS-Lingo could easily and swiftly step in with a solution that will certainly integrate with the present applications that are already in place.
We are often asked to offer solutions to leverage the automatic processing of incoming invoice transactions and automatically assign these to the open items of their respective customer accounts.We are developing a module in AS-Lingo that is able to learn from it’s experience and improve the hit-rate of allocations as it processes more and more input.