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You don’t have to worry about system availability and security
that comes guaranteed.


When you work with AS-Lingo, you entrust us with your company’s highly confidential business information. We take that seriously and take all possible measures to keep your data safe and reliable.

System and network security

Our redundant data centers are operated in Europe where privacy laws and regulations are the most renowned in the world. Our Servers are monitored 24/7/365 and provide full data recovery within 24 hours in the event of major disaster (High Availability also available). Data center features include:

  • Multiple fiber trunks and mirrored RAID storage
  • Standby servers and redundant network components
  • Redundant uninterruptible power supplies and parallel redundant generators
  • Tightly restricted access to production data including biometric access controls
  • Hardened networks and firewalls
  • Real-time activity log tracking
  • Virus resistance reinforced through software architecture
  • Oracle, DB2 or Postgresql database secured with advanced security
  • Minimum 128-bit encryption for all data transmission

Application security

With security features built in to AS-Lingo, you can prevent outside attacks and ensure that the right people get the right level of access to your AS-Lingo solutions. Features include:

  • Highly granular level of control over user access
  • Option of requiring 2-step user verification
  • Enforced password changes and automatic session timeouts
  • Set acceptable IP ranges from which users may log in

Data-level security

AS-Lingo is built on the highly reliable Oracle, DB2 or Postgresql database infrastructure, helping to ensure you can access information at any time of day, every day of the year. Data-security measures include:

  • Full daily backups to multiple locations
  • Continuous backups of transaction data
  • Secure streaming of transaction data to remote disaster recovery center


The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of July 2002 is strongly supported by AS-Lingo.

  • The Segregation of Duties rule-set, sometimes known as the “Four Eye Principal”, is implemented in many functions in AS-Lingo, e.g. one user is authorised only to enter financial transactions and another is authorised only to approve and commit those transactions
  • All maintenance of personal and security sensitive data is logged by the system
  • Audit log reports with variable filters can be created by the authorised audit department, listing updates, before and after values changed when and by whom
  • Security reporting by user, department, projects and company
  • Automation of most tasks and events provide continuous compliance
  • Schedule reports to be sent to specified recipients for verification and approval
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